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Policy Reminders for Students and Families

As the year gets underway, we would like to remind you of a few policies:

Cell Phone Policy

At Prep, we LOVE our cell phone policy. When we are at school, we are here to learn

without distractions or disruptions. While the city has lifted the Chancellor’s

Regulation banning cell phones on school premises, the city has also emphasized

that each school has the opportunity to develop their own policy. Our policy

remains the same.

While we have always allowed cell phones in the building to ensure parents can

communicate with students before and after school, we have, as of 2014, required

cell phones be checked in every morning in AM homeroom and returned in PM

homeroom. All students are expected to check their phones, which are kept safely in

lockboxes in the Main Office. If a student neglects to check their phone, it will be

confiscated by school staff, given to the Principal for safekeeping, and a parent will

be required to pick it up.

Dress Code Policy

School is a serious place of learning and business. We consider school a professional

learning environment and appropriate dress is required. Students are expected to

come to school dressed appropriately in clean and neat attire.

Unacceptable Dress for School includes:

  • Short shorts or mini-skirts. All shorts or skirts must reach below your finger tips when standing with your hands at your side.

  • Shirts that do not cover chest or torso/stomach (even when arms are raised).

  • Inappropriate words, slogans or images on any article of clothing.

  • Coats or jackets worn inside the building.

  • Head gear such as hats or hoodies warn in the hallways. Head gear worn for religious purposes is, of course, permitted.

  • Jewelry is discouraged from being worn in school.

Consequences for failing to uphold the Dress Code

  • First Offense: Student will be notified of inappropriate dress and given a warning by homeroom teacher, classroom teacher, or dean. The student will be sent to Main Office and given a loose-fitting t-shirt or pants of their choice.

  • Second Offense: Student will be sent to the Main Office where the parent will be called and asked to pick up student or bring student a change of clothes.

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