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Congratulations on Your Retirement, Ms. Pinckney!

Today marks Ms. Pinckney’s final day at Prep, as she is retiring from the Department of Education. On the occasion of her retirement, we offer our thanks for her many years of leadership, service to our school community, and efforts to make our school a safe, productive, and joyful place for students and staff members.

Ms. Pinckney began working at Prep in 2005 first as a teacher/administrator and then as our school's first Assistant Principal. Under her tenure as Assistant Principal, the school's student body and teaching staff grew exponentially. In overseeing our early technology program, safety, Inquiry Teams, Extended Day, summer school, Peer Mediation, and many more programs throughout her tenure, Ms. Pinckney left her indelible mark on Prep teachers and students.

On behalf of the Sunset Park Prep community, I want to thank Ms. Pinckney for her commitment to our school during these past 11 years, as we congratulate her on retirement. Ms. Pinckney, you are a woman of many talents, skills, and hobbies, and we wish you the very best in all your future endeavors!

Our heartiest congratulations on your retirement, which will surely offer you many new opportunities, which you will undoubtedly embrace. We wish you a happy, fun, and fruitful retirement!

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